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Containers of gas and liquids

Processing Systems

Process Development and Instrumentation

Kustka & Associates Engineering has experience with the manufacture of a number of food and beverage products involving:

  1. Development of entirely new processes to produce new products
  2. Optimization and/or expansion of existing processes

We can provide complete process design to manufacture a product or group of products from raw materials receiving & storage to packaging.

Working with the Client, we define and develop the process flow diagram (PFD) to attain the desired rates, from which we can specify the equipment. This allows us to develop layout and elevation drawings (2D or 3D). We then identify the proper instrumentation required for process control and documentation. The PFD is evolved into a P&ID for integration into the control scheme.

Although most often we specify “standard” OEM equipment, Kustka & Associates has developed customized, proprietary equipment to meet project requirements.

Each project is designed to the appropriate level of sanitary design required.