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Construction of a new building in progress


New Construction & Renovation

We have significant experience with the proper design and layout of food and beverage production facilities. Although there are many aspects involved in the proper design, below are some examples of key criteria we emphasize:

  • Facility Flow
    People, product, air flow and waste streams
  • Food Safety Hazards
    Identification and methods to address
  • Cross contamination
    Identification and methods to address
  • Sanitary Finishes
    Considerations regarding floors, walls, ceilings and fixtures
  • Facility Construction Choices
    Define alternatives which drive cost
  • HVAC Design
    Proper filtration, pressurization and flows with focus on energy conservation
  • Regulatory Requirements
    Identification of and adherence to applicable regulatory requirements in addition to customer or 3rd party audit requirements
  • Facility Access and Security
    Identification of systems to protect the Client, their people, products and facilities
  • “Design for Use” Construction
    Driven by the process contained by each room
  • Sustainable “LEED” Design Alternatives
    Alternatives as defined by the Client